Migliozzi Luca 

Our head chef Born and raised in Rome, Italy, is a well-educated and experienced chef that has had many successful years in the food industry. Luca was raised in a traditional Italian household with a Mother who cooked authentic food daily and grew his passion. Migliozzi Luca is equipped with illimited skills in the kitchen that enables him to make the most simple dish taste like a gourmet meal.   


To start his journey Luca attended culinary school in Italy, where he gained the skills and expertise to thrive in the industry.  With great passion and skills, Luca has now over 13 years of experience starting at the Hotel Imperiale In the centre of Rome to where 2016 Luca came to the UK to share his expertise and gain new knowledge. 

Migliozzi Luca designed and created our menu, a menu full of freshly made pasta, Italian-inspired dishes and dry-aged steak to perfection. 

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Norberto Raggio 

Raised in Italy, Norberto Raggio.  He fluently speaks 8 languages which helped him grasp an understanding of his intellectual knowledge. 

Norberto is passionate about making new creations in the kitchen and testing the boundaries of people's taste buds


Mr Raggio has been in the chef industry for over 30 years, starting out in a family-run restaurant  Da Dria in Italy, which was a great success and had been recognised by Gamero Rosso.   

Having spent 9 years living in Hong Kong and working along side infamous Roland Schuller at many locations,.  He has now been working as a head chef since 1995 and now has joined De La Vies to share his expertise and talents, which we are very excited about and will look forward to you tasting his amazing work. 


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